GoGo Penguin - Abstractions of the Industrial North

Hear Mercury Prize-nominated Manchester-based hard-hitting jazz-electronica trio GoGo Penguin perform music inspired by the Northern industrial landscape.
GoGo Penguin are pianist Chris Illingworth, bassist Nick Blacka and drummer Rob Turner. Defined by skittering break-beats, powerful sub-bass, telepathic interplay and a penchant for anthemic melody they create an emotionally rich palate for the listener that has seen them hailed as the most exciting new band to emerge from the UK in years.
Renowned for minimalist piano themes, deeply propulsive bass lines and electronica-inspired drums, the group have created a piece of music about Basil Kirchin, who died in Hull in 2005. Abstractions of the Industrial North has been commissioned by J-Night as part of the PRSF New Music Biennial.

Kirchin is the forgotten genius of post-war British music, as a pioneer of musique concrete. He was a leading light in the free jazz movement, a film composer who inspired Bernard Herrmann, and according to Brian Eno, the founding father of ambient.

Sat, 1 Jul 2017
Fruit, 62 Humber Street, Hull HU1 1TU

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