Bud Sugar

Take 1 part ukulele and drum machine, crossed with an acoustic up funk and powerful Codhead vocals, infused with a uk rap edge and garnished with a touch of electronic noises and you have yourself a description of the Bud Sugar sound. Although it's hearing it that will get you craving more.

High octane vibes that they incant! Socially conscious lyrics with a sense of humour that fuse seamlessly with furiously catchy hooks and melodies. Bax, Live Lans, Stan, Dyl and Reason are agents of excitement... Bouncing, spinning and dancing, adorned in brightly coloured garments and painted faces.

Songwriters, film makers, and vloggers. Playing throughout the UK, various European gigs and even some state side shows supporting the likes of OPM, Syd Arthur, British Sea Power, The Beat, McKenzie James and chart toppers Toploader. Making regular appearances on BBC Introducing as well as being featured on their official website and on Tom Robinsons "Fresh on the Net" playlist.

Bud Sugar Live shows are an exciting, upbeat and colourful experience. "Our sets are very interactive, calling for crowd movement, dancing, hugging, jumping, singing and laughing. Perfect for all ages, you could say we encourage adults to let their inner children loose!"

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