Double bill of new music - Stuart McCallum and Revenu

As part of our 25th anniversary celebrations, Hull Jazz Festival have commissioned two brand new pieces from Stuart McCallum and Hull's own Revenu.


An audio-visual work inspired by the shapes and sounds of the City of Hull, the piece is a haunting and vivid soundscape that draws on the city's historical heritage and contemporary culture.

Performed with a variety of electronic and acoustic instruments, combining experimental and ambient elements with evocative melodies, the piece aspires to capture the essence of Hull through a live performance of original music embroidered with everyday sounds of the city.
The visual counterpart, which will be projected throughout the performance, explores Hull over the course of a day, telling the story of the city through the things that are everywhere and overlooked: the familiar seen from an unfamiliar perspective.
Music by Liam Van Rijn and Joseph Bird
Film by Joseph Bird

Stuart McCallum:

Stuart McCallum‘s music has always thrived in that beautiful space where genres blur.

From jazz beginnings to DJ culture, his music is ‘alternative jazz’ – a distillation of influences, creating a sound that is concentrated and distinctive. Not wanting to hide behind over complicated harmonic and rhythmical structures, angular and forgettable melodies, Stuart’s music is a new hybrid of composition, production and performance. It embraces simple, memorable melodies, bass lines and drum beats, with electronica and improvisation enriched by elegant orchestral writing.
Stuart’s commission is a love song to the guitar.  It will be informed by a growing relationship with the University of Hull and their research into ambisonics, developing new techniques in 3D surround sound that open up a world of sonic possibilities.

Supported by the PRS Foundation

Fri, 17 Nov 2017
Hull Truck Theatre, 50 Ferensway, Hull, HU2 8LB
This is an archived event, tickets are no longer for sale