House Gospel Choir

Meet the choir that house built.

The late great Frankie Knuckles once said of house music: ‘It's church for people that have fallen from grace.’

Anyone who has been caught up in the rapture of a true house classic can testify to its power to unify and uplift. House Gospel Choir is the place where spirituality and the euphoria of the dancefloor come together. Founded by producer and vocalist Natalie Maddix, HGC is a voice for those that can sing, but don't always know the words! It's a home for anyone who has ever found themselves lost in music at a festival, in a night club, or on the tube on the way to work.

The choir brings together outstanding singers, all passionate about music and performance and dedicated to giving a great show. Live keyboards, bass and percussion combine with the troupe to create an authentic gospel sound that never fails to raise the roof.

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