Chiedu Oraka

Chiedu's not an artist  who's defined by a BPM or a genre of music; he's a musician who thrives on giving the listeners a different emotion and experience every time they hear him. Consistently working at his craft, Chiedu has been lucky enough to support some of the UK's leading Hip-Hop and Grime MCs such as Akala, Wretch 32, Lunar C, Mikill Pane, Stormzy and most recently Jaykae and Paigey Cakey, on the Dr Martens and DIY Magazine ‘Stand For Something’ tour in Birmingham.

"Being myself at all times and being articulate in a sense that is relatable to the people around me is my mission statement. There’s no fancy frills or gimmicks, just passion, frustration and good energy, these are the ingredients that make up my sound. You might be thinking how can all that mix together, surely that's a recipe for failure. When you are from the place i am from, being the under dog and being doubted is the norm but the stories i have to tell and the lifestyle me and my peers are living will intrigue you musically and socially."



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