Forro Porro

Four English musicians coming together to specialise in South American fiesta sounds, driving accordion and drum music that raises the spirits and fills dance floors across the continent – infectiously easy to dance to! Think Brazilian barndance or Columbian ceilidh and you’re beginning to get the idea…..

The band features, besides squeezebox, the wonderful zabumba and timbal drums, triangle, sax and clarinet, playing the kind of killer rhythms that keep a party in full swing. The members have a wealth of experience in folk and world music, performing in many different guises including Mambo Jambo, The Hut People, The Beautiful South and 422 among others.

They recently released their debut CD ‘North by Northeast’

"……Forro Porro were fantastic, playing traditional dance tunes from Brazil and Colombia  - the house were up on their feet and danced the whole way through, stamping their feet and demanding two encores." Jill Turner of


Forro Porro live at Musicport 2013