Manjula (meaning melodious) has been going from strength to strength since its birth in May 2014 exploring, innovating and bringing together rhythms and melodies from other cultures to create a beautiful mix and relationship of sounds from around the globe. This Leeds-based project is an example of modest, forward thinking global music as well as an exploration, incorporating Portuguese, African, Latin jazz influences with the haunting ambience of Indian vocal training and the rhythmic attack of Jazz Improvisation.

Teaming up with percussionist Sam Bell (band leader of the Bugalu Foundation), Guitarist Joe Harris (creator of Ikestra), double bassist Simon Read (of the Simon Read Octet and Matt Holborn Quintet); Vanessa Rani has created a project which has its own authenticity and integrity with the influence of other cultures and will take your mind on journeys to far away places and make you feel at home.



Manjula's website

Song influenced and Inspired by Cesaria Evora

Featuring: Vanessa Rani - Vox, Joe Harris -Guitar, Sam Bell - Percussion, Simon Read - Double Bass

Big thanks to: Tim Thomas - Sound Recording/Mixing and Video Editing, Josh Crocker - Videograghy, Matt Jagger - Recording Assistant

Special Thanks also to LS6 Clock Cafe and Lauren Gibbons