Seckou Keita

Hailed as "the Hendrix of the kora", Seckou Keita is a shining advocate of the less known, rhythmically rocking kora repertoire from southern Senegal. Innovative twists of improvisation on the 21-string West African harp distinguish Keita's sound - an eclecticism reflected in his quintet, whose members hail from Senegal, Italy, Egypt and The Gambia.

The Seckou Keita Quintet SKQ is one of the fastest growing, independent bands du jour captivating audiences from Montreal to Manchester, Sweden to Senegal. SKQ possess a unique ability to touch every one who experiences their sound, making it easy to see how they are amassing fans worldwide with their captivating, contemporary music.

Distinguishing Seckou Keita from other world musicians is his very own inimitable tunings, making him one of the most innovative and creative known kora players in the world today. These new tunings are showcased on SKQ's latest album 'The Silimbo Passage', which creates a fresh sound and shifts SKQ into a music category all of their own.

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Seckou talks about his new project, features band in rehearsal