Unfurl's music expands across continents, combining Indian ragas, flamenco and Arabic music with improvisation to create an original sound ranging from the dramatic to the sublime.

This group has a very personal sound that is truly unique...each member brings a vast array of global influences to the table, but this is not world music or ethnic music; it is simply music - a fusion in the truest sense. Enriching and full of life.” Chris Ackerley thesoundofnow.com

Unfurl have been enthusiastically received at numerous Jazz festivals across the country, including the Brecon, Gateshead, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Marlborough and Marsden Jazz Festivals as well as in numerous clubs and theatre venues across the country.

The band members are Olivia Moore - violins, Jim Faulkner - Electric Guitar, Gavin Barras - Double Bass, John Ball - Tabla and Indian Santoor, Adam Warne - Egyptian Percussion.

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Unfurl live at Manchester International Jazz Festival, UK

Performing 'Basant Muchari' at MJF 2014.